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Weekly Co-working

There’s one co-working call with Amanda on a Friday morning from 0930 to 1100  UK time for 90 minutes.

We put our CEO hats on, we get our heads down and get shit done in these sessions, live on Zoom.

How it works if you’ve not been to a virtual co-working session before: We all assemble in the room (cameras on or off – your choice).

We’re all silent… it’s kinda weird the first time!

If you can’t make the whole session, that’s fine – drop in when you can and go when you have to!

We state in the chatbox what we’re going to get done.

We turn off all distractions (silence your phone, close all the tabs… yup, all of them) and we work for 90 mins, ideally “ON” your business and not client work!

If you prefer, you can totally Pom Pom your way through the time (aka The Pomodoro Method of working for 25 mins, then a 5 min break).

If you get stuck with a building your business type thing or have a question, post in the chatbox and I can help you there.

If you arrive at the session and don’t see me there – I’m probably just running a bit late! You know what to do… do some work!

5 mins before the end we all post in the chatbox what we got done. We then all leave and go about the rest of our day feeling like a total boss because we prioritised our businesses and we got shit done.

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Meeting ID: 839 3423 4696

Passcode: 575454

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Jul 01 2022


9:30 am - 11:00 am

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