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Google my business with Alison Rothwell

Google My Business with Alison Rothwell

Did you know that there’s an easy opportunity to gain an impressive search engine ranking [and more] completely free of charge with Google?
In this webinar, self-confessed Geek Alison Rothwell from WP Fiddly Bits will explain why this is A Very Good Profile To Have, take you through setting up your Google My Business account, and give you the best tips to optimise and stay ahead of your competition.
oh – and share some real-life case studies too.
You can learn more about Alison Rothwell on her website  https://wpfiddlybits.com/ but Alison has previously delivered an SEO training session for us, which is in the learning portal.


Jun 02 2021


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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