Going from Me to We – Working With Associates Masterclass

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This training is broken into 2 parts, going from Me to We (how to build a team using Associates) and how to work as an Associate (the things you need to consider). It is totally worth knowing both sides of the relationship. 

Yes you can be an associate and have associates (in fact – I encourage everyone to have associates within their business for a variety of reasons.)

We band around the term associate but really what we are talking about, if we use the official term is subcontractor. 

An associate is not always a VA – Your associate could be from a different profession, so a bookkeeper, copywriter, social media manager etc.  When taking an associate, especially if they are from a different service background, it is advised you take the time to really understand what they do and the results they help clients achieve.  You need to be comfortable with the questions they will ask clients, and equally as important, the type of things your clients will want answers to.  You will not want to keep going back and forth between the 2.

In this session we will look at:

  • Key reasons to have an Associate VA
  • Identifying the Associate before the Need!
    • How to identify and source the right Associate
    • How it all works
  • Working Together
  • Payment and Fees
  • Downsides of an Associate
  • Delegation and Communication
  • Managing Expectations


  • Why you might consider working as an Associate
  • Pros and Cons of working as an Associate
  • How to find Associate Roles
  • How it all works
  • Contracts, Insurance, Data Processing
  • Working Together
  • Payment and Fees
  • Testimonials

It is never too early to be thinking of an Associate – play the “what if game”. What if I want to go on holiday, what if I fell over and broke my leg, what if my children were ill, what if I am asked to do something I don’t know how to do. 

Know why you are taking the Associate – you might have different associates for different reasons, and at different stages of your business.  I recently spoke to one VA who had agreements in place with another VA to act as an Associate for each other when their businesses initially launched.  But their businesses were now very different, their client bases were very different, and their own actual skill sets and offerings were very different – so they had come to a natural point where actually each needed to find someone different to be part of their Associate back up plan.

When taking on an Associate it is very important to trust the person you are going to be working with.  Although you should have contracts in place to protect you both legally, you still need to work with someone you can trust to provide a professional service to your clients – so it is critical to do your research.

Ideally you should be looking for someone with the same work ethics and values as yourself – someone who is trustworthy.  Remember this person is representing you and your company.

Ideally you should have more than one associate – this means that a one associate is not responsible for looking after the whole of your client base in the event of an emergency / holiday etc.  Mitigates the risk of what you would have to consider in the event thie own clients needed urgent work completed or if they were unable to do anything.  Spreads your risk.

Enjoy and please do feel free to ask questions if you have any in the Facebook community.